Friday, June 21, 2013

Believing that prayer works

Most people will not read this blog, because most people do not believe in prayer and God. Most people will not read this blog unless it has something to do with getting rich, getting married, being successful, being happy, being in love, being at peace and having it all but the truth is God is all those things.
God is more than just a high power, he is our source and strength, he provide everything man needs to be sustained on this earth. Without natural resources humans would not be able to function. Try getting up in the morning and it is pitch dark out, or try taking a shower with no water, you also need grains and herbs to make everyday products to feed oneself. Some may argue that there is no God and everything was already here on the earth for man when he was form. Well I am not here to argue with you, everyone has there beliefs but for those who believe in God he/she knows that this country was and still is built in "God we trust", it says so on your money, man have to swear by it in court and hospitals depend on it in life and death situation, which is why they have chapels and hospital priest on standby.
Prayer is not always some instant thing like oatmeal you put in the microwave and poof there its ready! no prayer takes time because behind that pray you  is a God that is able to fix any situation you are in. Think about this, if you were to ask God for everything you wanted and he gave you exactly what you have been asking time after time, would you love God for doing things for you or would you love God for being God. It's no different from a woman who feel her husband has taken her for granted, she cooks, clean, take care of the kids, run errands and for some works a full time job, and every time her husband ask her for something, she doesn't put up a fight but she does it because she loves him but as time goes on he comes home and out of repitition he tells her the same old lines each day, kiss her before and after work without any meaning, doesn't acknowledge the great job she has done around the house, he doesn't compliment her own raising great kids but he always wants something of his wife no matter if it is to iron a shirt, cook a special dinner or intimacy. She feels unappreciated. Well God feel the same way, you want what you want but won't spend any time with God. Prayer in a nutshell is about trusting God and talking to him(that is what pray is)about your needs and concern. Please feel free to comment on this blog, I am interested in your comments

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

How com it is easy for some women to get married and others not so much

  I have seen many women get married and some are working on their second and third marriage, others are having a hard time just getting  a date. I have also seen people get married for the wrong reason, some due to money, loneliness, boredom, growing tired of waiting, help with kids, there are a lot of reason why women get married.
I believe it has something to do with being a little picky or setting certain standards in what you want or won't put up with in a relationship. I know women who grew tired of waiting and just decided to jump the broom because they felt their chances were slim to none in waiting for the right one for them.

I believe in being picking or setting some standards and I think it is important to set some standards, why not men do it all the time, some men will only date certain type of women, for example some men will only date short women or skinny women, some will only date women with certain hair color, women with no children. So if men can do it I think it more important for a woman to set standards as well. Also it is about putting up with certain habits, she may not want a guy that drinks, smoke, or even a guy that likes to camp, well this narrow her search level down even more. So depending on the criteria of that woman she may be in for a long wait.
Lets not forget that woman who have decided to safe herself until marriage, wow now that will knock her options way down from five thousand available to maybe three and waiting on those three is like finding a needle in a haystack.
Please respond with comments on what you think about this blog, I am sure there are women and some men who really want to hear your opinion.